Date night!


Tonight is date night with the Sweetie: we’re trying to new fish and chip take-away place. A review will be posted here next week. I am cautiously optimistic: in my ‘hood, there are plenty of Irish nationals and F-Irish (faux Irish= Americans of Irish descent who like to entertain small groups at parties with stories of their exploits of St. Patrick’s Day spent in Dublin back in college. Le sigh.). The grocery stores sell Irish and English staples, and there’s a Setanta pub. But until this place opened, there wasn’t a proper take-away (excluding pizza).

My favorite place: Spuds in Belfast. Not the best “fish and chips,” but Spuds offers outstanding champ and is the place to see the latest in track suit design. Spuds: A compelling reason for relocating to Sandy Row, though for most folks, not compelling enough. Spuds on YouTube:


Idle Pleasures: Bacon

bacon and sheep

Boston-based blogger Wes over at Apartment Therapy maintains a Flickr page devoted to Bacon.

A meaningful alternative to the shiba inu puppy cam.

Idle Pleasures: Cat n Box

cat n box

Spotted on The Guardian Viral Video Chart

swiss cows

swiss cows

Earlier this week, I spent the better part of day reading the archives of the Milk and Honey blog. They grow their own food, and have 3 miniature cows, 12 chickens for eggs, and three hives of bees. In September alone, they experimented with new cheeses, harvested apples, and participated in an Eat Local Challenge, while maintaining “real jobs.” Fascinating stuff.

Running a small farm is not easy. I lived on a cattle farm in Northern Ireland for several months and learned that cattle wrangling is not for me. Feeding a calf with a baby bottle, yes. Herding cows in PJ’s when they had broken through the fence, no.

High Rollers


There’s an alumnae function downstairs, featuring a buffet brunch and a full bar. Starting at 11:20am. Classy.

Secrets of Success

Photo from School of Life

Photo from School of Life

I recommend reading Maurice Glasman on the secret of Obama’s success over at The School of Life blog. According to Glasman: “the new Commander in Chief is schooled and versed in the tactics of urban guerrilla politics, of how to turn a disaggregated rabble into an organised community, of how to organise the defeated and win, how to increase your power through your action, how to generate new relationships through political victory.

Snap. I just browse Etsy all day.

Based in Central London, The School of Life offers “intelligent instruction on how to lead a fulfilled life.”

Geography Games

I’m kinda into geography. Okay, really into geography. My favorite “game-where-everyone-wins” is seeing how many African countries I can write down in under two minutes. I also love calling Asian capital cities as a category when playing Circle of Death. Swoon.

That’s why National GeoBee online quiz is tops. Yes, it is technically designed for middle school students to prepare for the National Geographic Bee. But it is so much more than that. Who else asks you to type the following countries from largest to smallest with respect to total landmass: Sudan, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone? Or which country exports more sugar cane, Chad or Guatemala? Brilliant.