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Almost a snow day

Substantial snow is expected in Boston today (The first ‘winter storm’ of the season). Everyone in my department has either stayed home or left early (as in 9:40am). Except for me.

For the record, school in Cleveland Heights, OH never closed early due to snow, at least not while I was there. Bomb threats, fires, and riots stemming from fires/fire drills, yes. Snow, no. And some people can push buses out of snow banks.


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Ah, Love

The Sweetie is in the Motherland until New Years. Sighs.

In need of romantic sweetness? Try Does she love you?

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This is not good music:

WGBH 2 and 44: Boston deserves more than nonstop Celtic Woman and Hit Man: David Foster and Friends. Even during Pledge.

Especially during Pledge.





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Obviously, a slow day at the office for me.

Set Stickyscreen as your homepage so that your ‘note to self’ shows up whenever you open a new tab or browser window. A meaningful alternative to Post-its stuck on the side of your monitor.

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Same time next week?

Sometimes life imitates art. Or in my case, the movie Groundhogs Day, starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.


Scene: Thursday afternoon in my office.

That Grad Student: It is cold/rainy/windy.

Me: Yes, it is.

That Grad Student: Where is home for you?

Me: I’m from Ohio.

That Grad Student: Oh. (long pause)

Me: Where are you from?

That Grad Student: Southern California. It isn’t as cold/rainy/windy there. What brought you out here?

Me: Grad school.

That Grad Student: Oh. Are you working towards your PhD?

Me: No.

That Grad Student: Why do you work here?

Me: Before grad school, I worked in Belfast. Northern Ireland.

Grad Student: Ohhh. [Sounds impressed, but not impressed enough to remember that we’ve had the same conversation every Thursday, for the past 4 Thursdays]